Expungement Services

An expungement is an order that requires state and local criminal justice agencies to erase something from a record.

To be eligible for our services you must:
  • Have an ADULT criminal record in Philadelphia (we cannot handle cases in other counties or states).
  • Have been represented by the Defender Association in your matter(s)
  • Not have any open cases or currently be supervised on probation or parole.
  • If you have a JUVENILE RECORD and you want to see if it can be expunged, please call 267-765-6770, or visit our Juvenile Expungement page

NOTE: In the interest of client safety, the Defender is only taking e-mailed inquiries about possible expungement/sealing of your criminal record.

If you qualify and are interested in seeing if it can be expunged or sealed, please take the following steps:

NOTE: We are working as quickly as possible to review expungement requests. However, because we’ve received so many requests during the pandemic, it may be several weeks before we can review your request.

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