Probation Termination

The Defender offers probation termination services for clients:

To be eligible, clients MUST BE COMPLIANT with their probation conditions, including:

  • Regularly reporting to their probation officer,
  • Attending any recommended treatment,
  • paying fines and cost (if they are able)
Instructions For Applying For Probation Termination
  • Fill out the questionnaire below to the best of your ability. If you’re unsure how to answer a question, leave it blank. Your Police Photo Number (PP) & Name & Telephone Number of your Probation Officer are REQUIRED.
  • Please discuss probation termination with your Probation Officer. We will reach out to them for a recommendation for your early termination.
  • Early Termination of Probation Petitions can take 4 To 6 week to be researched for conflicts.
  • If you had a court-appointed attorney or private attorney we must research your case to ensure you qualify for Defender services. Our office will call if we are NOT able to submit a petition for you.
  • PLEASE LIMIT CALLS TO THE DEFENDER during the process. Petitions can take up to 6 or more months to be determined. Our office will only call you if we have any further questions to ask about your termination and/or with the Judge’s decision and/or Court Date regarding your pending Petition.
  • Please fax copies of Certificate of Completed Program/s, Letter of Recommendations, Awards, etc. to Mrs. Rivera at: 267-765-6976

Probation Termination Request Form

"*" indicates required fields

Contact Info

Date of Birth*

Income & Employment Info

Please tell us you hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly income
If you're working or going to school, please put the company name, address and phone number here
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Enter a dollar amount

Probation Info

Probation Officer Name*
List the name(s) and address(es) of any programs you have completed
Give us any and all reasons you want your probation terminated Include info such as: Were you denied employment (Company’s name and position)? Were you denied advancement at your place of employment due to being on probation? Were you denied housing (Private Landlord, Affordable Housing, etc.), schooling (Name of school), or child-care? Do you have health conditions (ex: Diabetic, Cancer, High Blood pressure, Mental Health, etc.)? Were you denied travel for funerals or vacations (include city and state)? Do you want to relocate? Where-City & State?
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