Probation Termination

The Defender offers probation termination services for clients:

To be eligible, clients MUST BE COMPLIANT with their probation conditions, including:

  • Regularly reporting to their probation officer,
  • Attending any recommended treatment,
  • paying fines and cost (if they are able)
Instructions For Applying For Probation Termination
  • Fill out the questionnaire below to the best of your ability. If you’re unsure how to answer a question, leave it blank. Your Police Photo Number (PP) & Name & Telephone Number of your Probation Officer are REQUIRED.
  • Please discuss probation termination with your Probation Officer. We will reach out to them for a recommendation for your early termination.
  • Early Termination of Probation Petitions takes time to be researched, drafted, and to be filed with your Judge. PLEASE GIVE US 4 to 6 WEEKS BEFORE YOU BEGIN CALLING US.
  • If you had a Private Attorney (Petitioner can file the petition themselves at CJC, 13th & Filbert Street,2nd Floor at the Motion’s desk (For A Fee) or have Private Attorney file on your behalf. If you can no longer afford a Private Attorney, you must see your judge to have the Defender Association appointed.
  • If you had a Court Appointed Attorney we must research your case for potential conflicts. Our office will call if we are NOT able to submit a petition for you.
  • PLEASE LIMIT CALLS TO THE DEFENDER during the process. Petitions can take up to 6 or more months to be determined. Our office will only call you if we have any further questions to ask about your termination and/or with the Judge’s decision and/or Court Date regarding your pending Petition.
  • Please fax copies of Certificate of Completed Program/s, Letter of Recommendations, Awards, etc. to Mrs. Rivera at: 267-765-6976

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