Pre-Entry Initiative

The Defender Association is developing a blueprint for pre-entry that reimagines Philadelphia’s pre-trial system with a model that protects due process, and prioritizes community-based supports over cash bail to create a fundamentally fair, cost-effective system that improves the safety of our communities.

Pre-entry is a system of support services for people who have been arrested that does not rely on cash bail to achieve safety in the community or appearance in court. For a quick overview, watch the video below:

The Defender Association, along with our coalition partners, launched our pre-entry initiative on November 14, 2019. Chief Defender Keir Bradford-Grey presented the vision for pre-entry to the audience. Here’s a video of her presentation:

Presentation: Pre-entry Coalition Kick-Off Event, November 14, 2019

[Powerpoint version]

[PDF version]

Institute for Community Justice
First Stop Recovery
Fruits of the Family Table
Dear Black Fathers
Coat of Many Colors Rebuilding Lives
Good Shepherd Mediation Program
Restorative Encounters
Running Hard
Sankofa Healing Studio
Philadelphia Auto and Parole
Rebuilding a Village Foundation
Just Leadership
Front Line Dads
Focus on Fathers
The Elite 30 Association and Coalition
Prevention Point Philadelphia
Philadelphia Community Bail Fund
Broad Street Ministry
The Wedge

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Check out these videos featuring Defender staff, clients and others speaking on the need for pre-entry and pre-trial reform.
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