Defender E-Newsletter April 25, 2020


April 25, 2020

COVID-19 Info and Updates

Defender COVID-19 Updates
During the pandemic, we’re keeping records of the prison population, hearing result summaries, daily release data and more in our COVID-19 Defender Updates document. 

The latest local information and resources about COVID-19.
Gov. Tom Wolf has unveiled a color-coded system that will serve as a road map for the reopening of Pennsylvania counties… What does each color mean exactly?

Info, Reminders and Good Stuff

Defenders: Going the Extra Mile for Our Clients!
Since last Sunday, Alex Stefanatos has been working to get a COVID positive client who has asthma and is on oxygen out of custody. Not only did she help secure his release, but she also coordinated with the medical staff at the prisons and the Health Department to get him transferred to the quarantine set up at the Holiday Inn!
Thanks to Alex, another client is out of prison, and recovering safely without risking the health of their family!

Updates from the Finance Department
The Federal Government has passed the CARES Act, which implications for 403(b) plans. Click here to read the update from TransAmerica.

Transportation Deduction. Employees may choose to temporarily change their Transportation Deduction, due to extended stay at home orders. Read the details here.

Virtual Meetings with Hightower Advisors 
You can now virtually meet with Hightower FPA Retirement Plan Advisors to discuss your retirement plan and overall financial well-being. Hightower can provide personal financial advice and answer any questions regarding your retirement plans. Click here to sign up


Weekly summaries that track the success rate of the Defender’s petitions and motions, as well as release numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic

News Stories

A grim picture of the impact of the pandemic on the city and school district’s budget emerged Thursday. Mayor Kenney has warned of cuts to city staffing and services.
Three unions that represent thousands of workers at Philadelphia jails have taken the unusual step of calling for judges to reduce the jail population during the coronavirus pandemic.
Officials say the financial impact of the pandemic on Philadelphia could include budget cuts up to 20% to city departments…
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